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BASYS has for decades been an expert in the assembly of complex components and complete systems. Today, besides our own range of products, BASYS produces quite a few very successful OEM products for well known, international third parties who appreciate BASYS as highly efficient outsourcing partner. Development, production, assembly and intensive quality documentation is usually included.



• Prototyping

• Small and medium series

• Pre-assembly / assemblies

• Air conditioned and clean room assembly

• Mechanical assembly and adjustment

• Electrical installations

• Cable assembly

• Wiring

• Installation and calibration of electronic and digital modules

• Housing assembly

• Processing of safety glass

• Software installation and setup

• Thermal elements, installation and calibration

• Sensors, installation and calibration (optical, thermal, electromagnetic, etc.)

• Inspections compliant to International conformity standards

• Certifications to international standards

• Safety testing

• Test methods in medical technology

• Thermal Test Method

• Quality inspections with test protocols


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