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Basys Company History

Company founded in Bardowick by Friedrich Lüllau, a pioneer of blueprint technology with his developments of blueprinting machines.

Georg Lüllau joins the company. He established the further development of the company with his invention talent, demonstrated by many patents. Together with his brother Friedrich Lüllau he builds the company very successfully into a leading blueprinting company. The product was distributed by an OEM partner.

Rolf Lüllau and his cousin Friedrich Lüllau take responsibility for the company management. With new machinery and technologiy they expanded the product range.

A new company building in Lüneburg is necessary, a result of innovative and high quality product policy with new designed product lines.

New development and production of folding machines started with direct sales to customers and international partner companies.

Basys developed the world's first computer-to-plate imagesetter for conventional printing plates. The UV-Setter products are developed and produced further in the company basys Print, founded by Friedrich Lüllau in 1995.

Rolf Lüllau takes over the entire company management after the leaving of Friedrich Lüllau.

Basys Expands Business as a supplier in sheet metal processing.

Motion displays extend the product range. Basys is one of the first developers, manufacturers and distributors of these devices in Germany. Later other advertising displays complete the product range.

The continuous expansion of all three business sectors (machinery and equipment for advertising and reprographics, OEM manufacturers, metal fabrication) require a further expansion of the company, with a look to a promising future.

Development, production and marketing of devices for paper and film rolling and stacking, needed by different international inkjet plotter manufacturers.

Development and production of color scanners and color matching systems

Mechanical Design and construction of medical phototherapy devices

Mr. Kay Petersen, a Hamburg businessman takes over 100% of the shares at the 1.1.2013 to run the company by himself. Mr Rolf Lüllau takes responibility as Projetmanager. Sales and marketing get a new realignment. At 1.5.2013 Stefan Buchwald, a longtime friend of Mr Petersen and experienced sales manager, takes shares in the company. He takes over the management of sales and other duties. Both entrepreneurs look back on many years of experience in the technical capital goods industry. The company is still guided by the principles of a family business.


Basys GmbH
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