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The new digital Wall Displays PURE and NOBLE finally bring the elegance to your shop wall, the perfect functionality of BASYS wall solutions have always deserved: The devices show their sleek appearance and do not assume that the entire technical equipment, including your favorite player/PC, fit into the designer housing. So: no open sides, dusty corners or craft optics. The optional, 6mm thick ESG protection glass panel of the model NOBLE is fully mounted on the front side. Both types of devices can be interactively equipped with a touch function. No matter how you want to use your new wall display, portrait or landscape orientation (42, 49 or 55"), more elegant and space-saving, your messages cannot be transmitted to your customers customer. Again, another fresh idea from BASYS ... Innovation since 1914

Technical Specifications General: Housing (all devices) Sheet steel, powdercoated RAL matt glossy NOBLE: fixed, backside ceramic printed front panel 6mm ESG, Edge ground and chamfered. Connection data: 100V-240V / 50Hz / 60Hz Environmental Conditions Protection class: IP 20 Temperature: 5 ° C-35 ° C Humidity: 20% -80%

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